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We offer a variety of training options both virtually and in-person.  Here are just a few examples - we customize each training experience to meet the goals of our clients!

Advanced Goal Setting

Set and achieve goals of any size.  We delve into motivational theories and strategies for setting and achieving even the trickiest of goals.


Active Listening & Communication

Explore foundational aspects of communicating, with a focus on the various levels of active listening.


Healing Presence

Transform yourself to be a supportive friend, colleague, and leader.

Healing presence is a way of being in which we embody specific behaviors and beliefs to create space for those around us.


Motivational Interviewing

Become an effective leader who actively leverages this powerful motivational theory.  Motivational Interviewing is key in pinpointing sources of motivation to achieve goals and make change. A very important skill for all leaders

Let's Work Together

Contact us today to customize a program that meets your training needs!

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